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Shopify Store Management Service

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Struggling to navigate the complexities of Shopify? Feel like managing your store is diverting attention away from growing your business? We have got you covered with our Store Management Service, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – selling.

Effortless Process

Once you subscribe and add us to your store, your job is done. We'll handle everything from there, ensuring an effortless transition to expert store management.

High Priority Support

Enjoy high-priority, one-on-one support with a dedicated Success Manager. You'll have immediate access to our team for all your requests, ensuring prompt and efficient assistance.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're committed to your satisfaction and success. That's why we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for our Store Management Service. If you're not satisfied with the quality of support or if the adjustments we've made to your store don't meet your expectations and are causing delays, you're eligible for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

We handle everything Shopify for you

We care about the success of your business as much as you do. We offer the store management service designed to streamline your online store operations, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business — we win when you win.

  • Dedicated Focus

    Invest your time in business expansion while we manage the technicalities.

  • Save Time & Effort

    Eliminate the stress and hours lost in Shopify setup and management. Our experts have got you covered.

  • Expert Support

    Our Shopify experts act as your personal assistant, managing your store and offering strategic advice.

  • Instant Theme Updates

    Whenever a new theme version is released, we'll update your store without skipping a beat.

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What we do

From theme customization and store settings adjustments to product management, our Store Management Service has got you covered. We'll also configure third-party apps to enhance your store's functionality:

• Theme customization & Store settings adjustments
• Product uploads & Collection setup
• Third-party app configuration
• Canva design assistance
• And many more...

The 3-Step Process

  • 1. Meet Your Personal Success Manager

    You'll be paired with a Dedicated Success Manager. They will guide you through the initial setup & outline the steps to get started.

  • 2. Share Your Vision

    Your Success Manager is all ears, ready to listen to every detail of what you envision for your Shopify store.

  • 3. Sit Back as We Transform Your Store

    With your needs clearly understood, your Success Manager will implement the requests for you.

Frequently asked questions

1. What does “High Priority Support” mean?

This means your messages and requests are our top priority. We aim to respond to your messages within 6 hours and fulfill your requests within 12-24 hours.

2. Are there limits on what you offer for this service?

Yes, there are certain limitations:

  • We don’t assist with marketing activities or traffic generation.
  • While we'll configure SEO settings for your Shopify store, we won't execute SEO tasks such as writing blog posts.
  • Significant code modifications to the theme are beyond our scope.
  • We do not offer product photography services.
  • Managing payment methods is outside our service scope due to the involvement of personal and financial information.
  • Social media management is not included.
  • We cannot transfer products from other platforms to Shopify.

3. Do you offer this service if I use a theme from a different theme developer?

This service is exclusively available to customers using our themes, ensuring we can effectively manage your store.

4. Don’t you offer help if I do not purchase this service?

We offer support to all customers, regardless of whether you purchase the service. We'll provide thorough guidance and answer any Shopify-related questions. The key difference is we'll guide you with instructions rather than direct intervention.

5. What are the differences between this service and the store setup service?

The store management service covers all aspects of managing your Shopify store for you, offering comprehensive, ongoing support. The store setup service, on the other hand, focuses on the initial setup of your store. After setup, you're responsible for adding the final touches to go live.

It’s time for you to take the next step

With a Shopify store that mirrors your vision and surpasses your expectations now within reach, the spotlight is on you to take the next step towards achieving significant success.